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John Legere is stepping down as T-Mobile CEO

Legere will be succeeded by Mike Sievert, the president and chief operating officer of T-Mobile, the company announced on Monday….

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Legere will be succeeded by Mike Sievert, the president and chief operating officer of T-Mobile, the company announced on Monday.

Irreverent and beloved T-Mobile CEO John Legere will step down as boss of the Un-carrier at the end of April next year, bringing the casually minded CEO’s seven-year reign to an end.

Legere was well known for his zany antics on social media, where he was frequently open (and loud) about his opinions, hosted his Slow Cooker Sunday cooking show, and wasn’t afraid to resort to … colorful language in order to get his words across. This laid-back and relatable attitude was mirrored in his business practices, and was a major driving force that helped to make T-Mobile what it is today. Very much a struggling bit-player when Legere joined in 2012, a number of consumer-friendly changes helped T-Mobile’s star to rise back into prominence. These included the end of two-year contracts and the introduction of T-Mobile’s rebellious “Un-carrier” branding.

These changes made a huge difference in T-Mobile’s place in the market, and Legere played a large role in helping to promote that, always being on hand to provide a strongly worded opinion, or to happily engage with the mobile community. With most big company CEO’s playing a somewhat aloof role, Legere’s down-to-earth attitude was a breath of fresh air, and helped to secure him a place in many people’s hearts.

Legere is expected to be succeeded on May 1, 2020, by Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s current president and chief operating officer who will oversee the merger and what could be the most expansive 5G rollout. While unlikely to represent the same sort of playful figurehead, Legere is optimistic Sievert is the man to take T-Mobile forward in the wake of the merger with Sprint. But with May still several months away, there’s more than enough time for Sievert to grow his hair out and don the now-iconic T-Mobile-branded leather jacket as part of a lavish coronation ceremony. We can but hope.

Even if the jacket isn’t handed over, Sievert has confirmed the “Un-carrier” focus begun under Legere will be continued under his eye. So while he may not be Legere, don’t worry that T-Mobile’s consumer-focus will leave with Legere.

Legere won’t be leaving T-Mobile after stepping on April 30, and will still remain as a member of T-Mobile’s board. With that in mind, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see him pop up from time to time in T-Mobile’s marketing material, but it does mean he won’t be as prominent in T-Mobile’s advertising. However, we doubt it’ll quiet his Twitter presence.

On the plus side, it seems Legere is happy to continue hosting Slow Cooker Sundays. While his replies on Twitter have been a little cryptic, his reply on the investor call was positive, and it seems likely he’ll continue to don the magenta uniform every week.


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