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BTS’ Jungkook has got blond highlights and fans can’t handle it

Jungkook revealed his new look at Chiba, Japan, where the BTS show Muster: Magic Shop is taking place. It’s safe…

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Jungkook revealed his new look at Chiba, Japan, where the BTS show Muster: Magic Shop is taking place. It’s safe to say fans are loving it.

Nothing affects the ARMY more than a box of hair dye and BTS band member. BTS’ Jungkook died his hair half blonde and fans are truly falling all over themselves. People are fainting (k not really but like, it’s mayhem). There’s sheer chaos going on around the entire internet because he apparently just looks to handsome. It’s incomprehensible, and yet—it’s here. Jungkook is blonde and he looks fab. Get used to it. Seriously, may as well call him the new Elle Woods. He’s that stylish. Fans began to notice that in the boys’ latest video, Jungkook seems to be hiding a new hair color. They’re now convinced that this change in locks means a comeback is closer than we think. In the past, there’s usually been a correlation between music and hair color with these guys. So yeah…Twitter is basically broken once again thanks to BTS. But we’re not mad about it.

The video in question was of the boys finding their way through Incheon International’s Airport. They were in South Korea on November 12 and it obviously was all over the ARMYs radar. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that Jungkook’s hair looked strikingly different under his hat. Despite his attempts to perhaps keep this news on the DL, he couldn’t keep some of those blonde strands from slipping out. Jungkook isn’t the first of his crew to go blonde. RM shared his new bleach blonde look on Twitter earlier this November. A little over a year ago, Jimin debuted his silver hair, giving ‘silver fox’ a whole new meaning. Jimin’s silver hair came just in time for BTS’ final Speak Yourself concerts back in October 2018. ARMYs are convinced, like we said, that hair changes are directly linked to music for these guys. So new music could definitely be on its way. The K-pop band took a well-deserved two-month hiatus at the end of summer/early fall. That said, we highly doubt they went a full 60 days without ruminating over new material. It’s bound to be announced soon. We just, have a feeling.

Also, as you can see more clearly in the photos—Jungkook isn’t completely blonde. He’s going for a more half n’ half look. It’s half blonde. But it’s blonde nonetheless.

Fans just can’t handle it.


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