Macau to temporarily close all casinos after confirming 10th coronavirus case

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Corona Virus

Macau government announced on Tuesday that all casinos operations will be suspended for two weeks after tenth case of Coronavirus infection was confirmed.

Foreigners who have visited, resided in #China in the past 14 days will not be allowed to enter #Taiwan starting Feb. 7.

These countries would not damage their economies so severely over a virus “no more dangerous than the common flu”. Don’t be scared, be prepared, as #Dutchsince always says.

So much for the casino and gaming industry. the sole business of Macau is now inaccessible by it’s main customers.

Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hub, said on Tuesday it had asked all casino operators to suspend operations for two weeks to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus. #KwikNews #World

Corona Virus china

So far these are the countries where we have seen the cases of Coronavirus.

– China

– Japan

– Thailand

– Singapore

– South Korea

– Hong Kong

– Australia

– Germany

– US

– Macau

– Taiwan

– Vietnam

– Malaysia

– France


– Canada

– Italy

– Philippines

– Russia

– UK

– Cambodia

– Finland

– Nepal

– Spain

– Sri Lanka

– Sweden

– Belgium

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