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Trump put political goals over America’s interest in Israel Power Play

As we all know the reelections are ahead and Donald Trump is putting up all the efforts he can to…

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As we all know the reelections are ahead and Donald Trump is putting up all the efforts he can to make sure he wins the elections.

The fresh example of this is that Israel caved on Thursday to his demands to ban two Muslim US lawmakers who Trump is banishing as part of his 2020 reelection strategy.

There is no sign that Trump considered his latest targeting on Reps Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib conflicts with US foreign policy goals, reflects American values, benefits Israel in the long-term or is in keeping with the principles of the two rigorous democracies that pride themselves on the debate among ideological enemies.

The latest display of Trump’s first foreign policy was another sign that natural interest is often subordinate to this President’s immediate political requirements. The President actively pushed a foreign government to refuse to admission two of his compatriots.

Trump said, hours after Israel announced his decision, “They’ve become the face of Democrat Party. What they’ve said about Israel and Jewish people is a horrible thing.”

Trumps habitually show few uncertainties in using the power of the Presidency, which are broad in foreign policy for his ends. But this power play of Trump against Israel was unapologetic partisan even for Trump.

Many people in Washington find Omar and Tlaib towards Israel repulsive and Omar was made to apologize earlier this year. She said that the support for a Jewish state in Congress was motivated by campaign contributions in remarks widely decried as anti-sematic.

AIPAC tweeted, “We believe every member of Congress should be able to visit and experience our democratic ally Israel firsthand”

None of this likely to matter to Trump as he has pocketed a smartly engineered political win that helped distract from growing talk of the possible recession that could cast a cloud over his reelection hopes.


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