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Richest Beggars in the poor world!

Who would have thought that there are beggars in the world who are richer than most of the people of…

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Who would have thought that there are beggars in the world who are richer than most of the people of the world? These people are earning just by merely begging but they must have a hell of good skills to get this much rich by just begging that they are included in the millionaires of the world. Some of them own a building the others may own their own big houses. These people are earning even better than educated people doing daily jobs. It’s hard to believe we know but here is a list that will most definitely surprise you.

Ted Williams:

Ted William is a US-based beggar and the world’s richest beggar. Ted was all unknown and used to beg on the streets of Ohio by singing. But, one day a reporter made his video and uploaded it on the internet, it went viral and from then on he became the richest beggar of the word.

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The second on our list is Rongfeng. He was very poor at first and used to sleep on the streets but one day a lady from a noodles shop helped him financially and using that money he started his own business and is now so rich that he paid the lady back $163,000 as thanks for helping her.

Simon Wright:

Simon is another beggar who is banned from begging and he lives on the donations from the strangers and earns 50,000 pounds, interestingly. He is living in a 300,000 pounds Fulham flat.


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SOURCE: Quillette

Eisha was a 100 years old woman who died some time ago but after her death when her assets were revealed, it was found out that she had thousand of dollar; she also owned four buildings and a lot of jewelry and gold coins it all summed up to over $1 million.

Bharat Jain:

Another beggar on our list is Bharat Jain from India who is the owner of two 1 BKH apartments in Patel Nagar which are worth 80 lakhs. And he also owns a shop that is on 10,000 Rs monthly rent. He earns 75000 INR in Mumbai per month.

Krishna Kumar Gite:

Calling this person from India a beggar wouldn’t be fair as he owns his flats in Nallasopra and earns around 2000 INR per day which is even more than an average educated person.

Sambhaji kale:

He is another beggar from India and by utilizing his begging skills is earning money. This person owns two houses, a flat in Virar and a piece of land in Solapur. This skilled beggar earns a thousand rupees a day.

Sarvati Devi:

This lady also belongs to India and is better in terms of living compared to many other local Indians. She even pays annual premium insurance of Rs 36,000 and owns a very comfortable and lavish apartment near Ashok Cinema in Patna.


He used to be a beggar but then he started working as the newspaper guy and now sells newspapers on the streets and reportedly earns $100 a day. He is a motivation for people who think they can do nothing in life or are a failure.

An anonymous beggar from India:

This beggar is unidentified from India but the news reports say that he died last year, had many bank accounts and all of them had money in them too. The total income of this beggar makes up to two million Indian rupees that is a lot amount considering the source of his income was begging.

Amazing right?

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This being said as you have read that many beggars all around the world are earning just by begging on the streets and not doing anything productive for themselves and the country. These people may earn a lot but that doesn’t mean that begging is by any means a thing anyone should adopt. Even if you are earning a penny, it should be by hard work. And don’t forget that hard work always pays off.


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