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Blonde woman’s body in Mexico terrifies the viewers on Google Map Street View

Google map street viewer is used by millions of people all around the world to find places and to look…

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Google map street viewer is used by millions of people all around the world to find places and to look how far they are from a certain place. It is used by many to explore the area from ground level. It doesn’t have any functional purpose and many usual sights have been seen by people. It has become very famous in spotting unusual things all around the world. Sometimes the sights are so stupid that it makes the viewer laugh and sometimes they are creepy and cringe-worthy.

An unusual thing was spotted again on the map in Mexico, amidst Chichen Itza ancient Mayan ruins. The snapshot from the street view showed a blonde woman walking through the site.

The women appeared to be wearing a white dress, flat shoes and sunglasses with her hair loose on her back, but the strange thing is that the head of the women appears to be way bigger than her body and simply out of proportion and the legs of the girl are also bent in a very disturbing angle.

Some people on Reddit suggest that she is “an alien tourist” and another person says, “it’s one of those aliens from ‘The Arrivals’”. 

While the more rational explanation to this horrifying image is that it is a technological glitch. When taking a photo from the 360-degree angle the Google camera shot multiple images to create a single seamless image that went hugely wrong. It seems like the woman was on the move when the picture was taken.

There is another example the glitch; a picture captured in Athens, the Greece where the man appears to be holding a child in blue shirt,  but the disturbing thing about the image is that the child appears to be having a hair growth of a middle-aged man and the man appears to be completely headless, only the back of his head is visible which also appears to be transparent in the front.

Another Google image was also taken which was showing the head of a woman hanging from a pole flying the flag of America, near the Hollywood sign.

However, all these images are the results of technological glitches.


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