Full Moon This Friday is happening after 50 years

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For the first time since October 2000, this month’s full moon coincides with Friday the 13th. The moon will officially be full early Saturday morning, but in many parts of the world, it will be visible on Friday.

In rare twist of luck, this month’s full moon coincides with Friday the 13th for the first time since October 2000. Even better, this month’s full moon is the harvest moon.

Nasa Posted that the Moon will officially reach its full phase early Saturday morning EDT, and it will look full beginning this evening and on Friday the 13th. But there’s no reason to be nervous about the “Harvest Moon.”

But we should know that the moon turns full today in much of the western hemisphere, only about 1% of full moons fall on a Friday the 13th. This one is even rarer occurring near apogee, the furthest point in the Moon’s orbit. This last happened in 1832 and won’t happen again for more than 500 years.

99.3% of a full moon is currently setting in the western sky over Indianapolis right now. Behind some eerie clouds. On Friday the 13th.

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