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3,000 year Pharaoh’s body scan had a surprise for the Archeologist

The archeologist in Egypt performed a Computed Tomography scan on the body of a pharaoh of 3,000 years old and…

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The archeologist in Egypt performed a Computed Tomography scan on the body of a pharaoh of 3,000 years old and found out the real reason for his death.

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The Pharaoh, Usermaatre Ramses 3 was the second Pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty Ancient Egypt reigned from 1186 to 1155 BC.

He had to face a conspiracy during his rule, the royals of the time plotted to overthrow the last great monarch of the United Kingdom.

Until now it was thought that the conspiracy died in his rule and the people; the royals were put into cellars but this is not true.

The host of Channel 5 show, Bettany Hughes told the details in her show “Egypt’s Great Treasures”.

She explained that: “Ramses was a man with a lot of enemies”.

“He had to fight the enemies from the Middle East that were trying to invade his country; Egypt”.

Sure, there were a lot of enemies of him as could be of any of the king on throne.

But, for Pharaoh the trouble was his wife; Queen Tiye.

Queen Tiye wanted her son to sit on the throne, so she planned to brutally assassinate her husband.

Now, we know all about this because it is recorded on a papyrus that is now Turin and this historical event is known as the Harem Conspiracy”.

The archeologist had thought and as I discussed earlier than it was previously thought that Ramses had died of natural death.

She said: “We were told that the plot had failed and all the people who planned the conspiracy were arrested and sentenced to death”.

“What happened to Ramses?”                                          

“The papyrus didn’t tell his whole story and Ramses just simply disappeared from the history books and there is simply no theory telling how he died and it was just thought that he died of natural death”.

It was thought true until recently when the CT scan revealed the true story of his death.

The archeologists carried out the postmortem of the body and it revealed that there were bandages around the neck of the body of Pharaoh.

picture credits: Ramesses II: The Greatest Pharaoh of the New Kingdom

The curator the Egyptian museum said, “We don’t know why the bandages of the neck are thicker than bandages from all over the body”.

He said, “We did the CT scan and found out that his throat was slit multiple times. And the cuts are so deep that he couldn’t have survived it. They are big enough to kill the king in just a few minutes”.

“This is amazing that we found this out after 3,000 years of his death.”


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