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India loses its contact with lander on its approach to the moon

On Saturday India was set to send its unnamed spacecraft to make a historic landing on the Moon but this…

By Jenny Scordamaglia , in India Space , at September 8, 2019 Tags: , , , , ,

On Saturday India was set to send its unnamed spacecraft to make a historic landing on the Moon but this space program writhed hindrance before even landing on the Moon as they lost the contact with their spacecraft just before it was about to land on Moon.

The Prime Minister of India consoled the grieving nation from the lunar program’s command center in Bangalore saying he was “proud” of the people and grabbed the commander in chief into a bear hug.

India was hoping to be a fourth country to set foot on Moon and had been preparing since June after Russia, the United States, and their ultimate rival China.

But in the early hours when the spacecraft was sent to space and the whole nation was this with bated breath, Vikram the lander just 2.1 kilometers above the lunar surface lost contact to the space center.

Indian Space Researcher Organization (ISRO) chairman Kailasavadivo  Savin said, “The Vikran lander was going as planned and normal performance was observed”.

“Accidently the communication with the lander was lost,” he said in a stunning operation room. “The data is being analyzed”.

The Chandrayaan 2 that has been circling the moon for one is perfectly fine and still intact and is functioning properly.

The freshly re-elected Modi hoped that he could get this mission successful but it did not go well.

He tweeted, “Sisters and brothers of India, resilience, and tenacity are central to India’s ethos. In our glorious history of thousands of years, we have faced moments that may have slowed us, but have never crushed our spirits”.

“This is our time to stand tall as a nation now and when it comes to our space program the best is yet to come”.

Many of the Indians tweeted in support of there country and its space missions.

And some of them were trollig the failed space mission of India and their Prime Minister Narendra Modi:


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