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Is Modi using India Independence day to defend changes in Kashmir?

Indian occupied Kashmir has been under lockdown since August 4th, with all the connections cut down from the outside world…

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Indian occupied Kashmir has been under lockdown since August 4th, with all the connections cut down from the outside world with restriction of any movement.

After a day of revoking the article 370, which granted Indian occupied Kashmir the power to make its own decisions, splitting the region into two and demoting them to union territories.

“The decision was of the several ‘path-breaking’ moves by the newly re-elected administration”, said Modi in a speech from the fortifications of the Red Fort in Delhi.

Modi said, “We do not believe in creating problems or even extending them. In less than 70 days of this new government article 370 has become history and the houses of parliament has supported this decision. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will become a big inspiration for India’s journey of comfort, progress, growth, and peace.”

He further said, “The old arrangement in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh used to support nepotism, corruption, and injustice when it comes to the rights of children, low cast people and women”

His speech ended with chants of “Jai hind” from school children and the people around.

Due to the fear of protests and unrest in Kashmir, the Indian Government has sent thousands of more troops to Kashmir even though there were already 500,000 army troops. 

The business leaders, university professors, and many journalists are already taken into custody so that they can’t raise their voices against the decisions made by Indian Government in Kashmir.

Restrictions have been lifted from the areas in Kashmir where Indians are in majority but it remains in the area where Muslims are in majority.

Pakistan has launched a diplomatic statement addressing the United Nations Security Council to take action against the “illegal actions” of Kashmir. The Prime Minister of Pakistan compared the government of Modi to Nazi Germany and said that this time we will teach “India a lesson” and we will “fight back for the rights of Kashmiris”.

Pakistan is observing this Independence Day of India as Black Day and is protesting against the violence of the Indian Government in Kashmir.


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