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The oldest parents of the world are in ‘intensive care’ after the birth of twins

The world’s oldest new mother is currently admitted in the Intensive Care Unit with her husband just after a week…

By Jenny Scordamaglia , in India , at September 14, 2019 Tags: , , , , , ,

The world’s oldest new mother is currently admitted in the Intensive Care Unit with her husband just after a week of the birth of their twin girls.

The Indian couple Erramatti Mangayamma, 74, and Raja Rao, 78, stimulated the controversy when the couple revealed that they had successfully delivered twin girls on 5th September after undergoing In Vitro Fertilization treatment.

Just after the announcement Mr. Raja Rao collapsed from a heart attack and was taken into the Intensive Care Unit in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Ms. Mangayamma has also remained in the Intensive Care Unit since the birth of twins, according to The Times.

The twin girls have not been named yet and are in the care of their relatives.

 The couple has been trying to conceive naturally for many years but last year they decided to undergo an In Vitro Fertilization procedure.

As Ms. Mangayamma has already been through menopause, doctors use the eggs from a donor and fertilized them with the sperms of the husband.

She fell pregnant in January, but doctors were unsure whether she would carry to term.

Ms. Mangayamma described feeling ‘complete’ after the girls were delivered by Caesarean section.

The case has provoked a furious debate over the ethics of allowing a septuagenarian to undergo IVF treatment.

The doctor, Sanakkayala Umashankar, has denied all the allegations suggesting that she was trying to break the records and claimed that Ms. Mangayamma lied to her about her age.

It is still unclear why Ms. Mangayamma is in the Intensive Care Unit but medical experts say pregnancy poses several health risks for elderly women, including hypertension and Eclampsia.

The doctor of the couple has declined to provide any information about the condition of the couple but the niece of Ms. Mangayamma, Lakshmi Bhia, told the Times that both are stable.

She also added that the twin girls, who weigh under 5lb at birth, are doing well and now weigh 5.5lb.


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