Friday, August 12, 2022
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A new way to protest: flocks of people in Hong Kong airport

Protesters against the government are going to kick-off a three-day demonstration on Friday, a symbolic attack on the city’s closely…

Protesters against the government are going to kick-off a three-day demonstration on Friday, a symbolic attack on the city’s closely secured reputation for efficiency and order and the global transit hub, at the Hong Kong International airport.

The protest is scheduled to begin on Friday afternoon in the arrival hall of the airport, and it comes as Hong Kong’s reels from its worst political crisis since Britain handed the former colony back to China in 1997, and after the general strike and protests caused in the city which led to 148 arrests.

The mainland Chinese have issued strict warning to the protesters about the risks of continuing their broad campaign for political reforms. This movement began against a bill that would have allowed extraditions to the mainland.

This protest began this summer two months ago with a peaceful march and later many people joined it and the number went up to seven million. Negotiation has continued since on a small scale but on Monday they came up with a different idea of taking the protest to the International airport.

The protest ended in recent weeks with the police throwing tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters. But some of the protests are still adamant and say that the government has ignored the chances of the peaceful display. They got angry and vandalized the local legislature on 1st July, at the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. They have also attacked several police stations and have set a fire outside them.

But many protesters along with Cathay Pacific Airways’ employees stressed that this week the demonstration was meant to be peaceful.

A writer and a documentary maker, Laurie Wen said “This airport is a place where people from all over the world come and it is a symbol of what Hong Kong means at the international stage.

This is the World’s eighth busiest airport. It handled nearly 75 million passengers last year. It was also the world’s busiest aviation terminal for the cargo.

The protesters have not applied for any permission to hold a demonstration. So, it technically makes it an illegal assembly so it may raise the physical clash between the police and the protesters.  

It was asked that what might happen if the protesters try to enter the secure area? Mr. Horton said, that there was a similar case in another city and the authorities emptied the secure area and rescreened everything else.

Cathway Pacific dodged a question of how many of their employees have practiced in general strike. She answered by saying the flights that day delayed, were because of the air traffic control measures. 


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