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New law of America that brother and sisters can now get married!

A brother and sister in New Jersey just won a court case before Supreme Court that has granted them to…

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A brother and sister in New Jersey just won a court case before Supreme Court that has granted them to get married.

On 6th August 2019, the brother and sister were granted the right to marry each other after their 10-year court battle climaxed in a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in their favor.

The five judges from the panel granted the appeal by James Banes and Victoria Banes, 41 and 38 years old respectively.

The couple was so happy and said that they did it for millions of other Americans who have a consensual incestuous relationship and are afraid to admit it and are living in fear.

After their historic victory James Banes talked to the reporters and told them:

“Incest is being practiced by people since the dawn of life, if Eve and Adam wouldn’t have done it there would have been no human race”

The lawyer of the couple Julianne Grey argued that if cousin marriage can be made legal in New Jersey than incestuous marriage most likely can happen.

James banes, criticizing the court said:

“Why am I allowed to marry my cousin and not my Sister?”

The couple who faced up to 15 years in jail said that they are planning on starting a big family and to enjoy their new freedom.

Victoria Banes told the reporters that she is pregnant with twins. She said:

“We have always dreamt of starting a big family and finally it’s going to happen now”.

New Jersey law previously allowed first cousin marriage but right now New Jersey is the only state that has allowed incestuous marriages.

The law surprised a lot of people and many of them are against this law and think that this is just stupid and people are not ready for it.

The article was at first posted by But Snopes has a different opinion about the news.


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