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Why Pakistan’s Tourism is on its Boom?

Pakistan was already a top tourist destination a decade ago, however, in the last decade event led Pakistan’s tourism to…

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Pakistan was already a top tourist destination a decade ago, however, in the last decade event led Pakistan’s tourism to decline by almost 90%.

Kallam vally in Pakistan

Pakistan is often considered a war hole country as portraited in media and new channels, and if you’re planning to go to Pakistan you’ll most probably be warned by your circles.

However, in the last year, the new prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan & his government are trying very hard to change the perspective of Pakistan & if you search around Internet you’ll probably find out.

Pakistani Government has sponsored many vloggers and bloggers in the past year to come to the country and see the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes, mountains, beaches, & culture.

So the question would be if Pakistan is worth visiting? & If so what are the attractions?

We’ve tried to some up few of the reasons why you may want to add Pakistan on your next travel destination & most probably by then you’ll know what exactly is triggering its tourism Boom!

Great Hospitality

In our research of learning about the hospitality of Pakistani people, its seems that they are very excited to have selfies & to just talk to foreigners, many of the vloggers have mentioned that people are so friendly that you get free food all the time.

If you met someone in Pakistan you will surely be invited for a free meal.

So considering the remarks from tens of bloggers/vloggers it’s admittable that people are hospitable and welcoming.

Unbelievable Landscapes

Many believe that one of the reasons that may take off Pakistan’s tourism to the next level is the astonishing landscapes. It will take you hardly 10 minutes to understand why Pakistan has amazing landscapes, 4 of the worlds most renowned peak mountains are in Pakistan which includes deadly K2.

So if you are an adventurer and looking to climb or trek to the some of the most beautiful mountains in the world consider Pakistan in your list.

Is Pakistan a safe country to travel to?

This probably should be the no one question in the list as many of you looking to travel to Pakistan will like to know if it’s safe for you to travel there.

The concept of tourism is not so popular yet as it was completely vanished out of the country a decade ago. However, people are very friendly and it’s considered very safe by many of the vloggers those have visited Pakistan in the last year. It may be because of the new government but now Pakistani’s feel safer and so does the tourists.

However, do not panic if you find a police car following you on your adventures as local police & agencies keep an eye on all the tourists so they stay safe on their tours.

There is a danger that came to us during our research, and that lies on the Afghanistan border as many Taliban are still considered to be living around that area. But even if you’ll like to go there you will not be authorized to go there!


Pakistan is the 3rd largest country by the population that speaks English. So if you are worried about coming to Pakistan and not being able to speak the local language you have a green signal now.

Almost all the schools and colleges are teaching written and spoken English so you’ll be able to easily communicate with almost anyone.

However, learning a few words of Urdu will really excite local people & maybe a plus for you on your tour to Pakistan.

Cost of Traveling

Many vloggers have done the price comparison of tourism in Asia, and so far by many Pakistan is considered the cheapest tourist destinations of all time.

Many tourists have reportedly commented about the hospitality of the people where they don’t like to charge you for the food & will feel the honor of giving you food or other stuff as a gift.

Food in Pakistan

Pakistani food is just Amazing rich, sweet-spicy; all that and a lot more There are savory curries, grilled chicken or goats, fresh fruits, biryanis, and much, much more in Pakistan.

Final Thoughts of Pakistan

By far Pakistan is considered the perfect tourist destination for many tourists. It has almost everything that excites a tourist, from food to mountains, from beaches to culture it has so much to offer.


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