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A war or a peaceful settlement? What will happen now between India and Pakistan? As Pakistan cuts economic and diplomatic ties to India

Due to New Delhi’s decision to gain full control over Kashmir, tension has escalated between the two nuclear-armed countries. Pakistan…

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Due to New Delhi’s decision to gain full control over Kashmir, tension has escalated between the two nuclear-armed countries. Pakistan has significantly scaled down its economic and diplomatic relations with India.

India’s government has revoked a constitutional article that had for decades given the Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir considerable independence over its affairs, earlier this week.

Pakistan has claimed since the 1940s that it should administer Jammu and Kashmir itself because they see themselves as the protectors of the Muslim majority population. And Pakistan did not like this whole strategy of India of controlling Kashmir.

Pakistan government announced on Twitter on Wednesday they have cut any economic or diplomatic relation with India and will take this issue to United Nations Security Council.

Pakistan will also cut the Indian Ambassador and will not send their ambassador who was preparing to go to New Delhi too.

In this time of crisis having no ambassador may cause even more problems. But experts say that Pakistan’s statement is not to be worried about.

“The diplomatic statement means nothing but what happens on the grounds matter.”

stated by the director of the Institute of Studies, Raja Mohan at the National University of Singapore.

Kashmir has been the major issue between the two countries since the partition and that one would want to do is make this worse situation even worst? But exactly that is the Indian government has done this week. Triggering the other country for the third war is dangerous.

Pakistan only worries that if India got control over the state of Jammu and Kashmir they will forcefully eliminate all the Muslims as it wants people to follow their religion and rules. And for this, the Indian Government has killed many people over decades.

To grow more conflict, India sent thousands of its troops to the already heavily patrolled side of Kashmir and put it under lockdown, so no one will be able to get out of their house.

Due to all these a lot of people think that a fourth war will break out between the two countries and it won’t end well for both of them.

The Army Chief Of Pakistan General Qamar Javaid Bajwa said; 

“Our country is ready to handle any kind of situation.”

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The same day the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said, Pakistan has fought with India before and it won’t hesitate in doing that again. He also said;

“I can predict that this incident is bound to happen”

If there breaks a war, although there are fewer chances of it to happen,  if it does, it will affect both the countries equally as both of them are atomic powers. And will affect both the counties economically too.


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