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Indian Paramilitary troops: aren’t are stopping soon

Reported on Tuesday a 16 years old boy Asrar Khan was going to a playing field just outside his house…

Reported on Tuesday a 16 years old boy Asrar Khan was going to a playing field just outside his house in the Ellahi Bagh area of Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir.

Kashmir: Civilians severely wounded in pellet gun attacks
Indian troops attacking Kashmiri’s

The teenager was rushed to the hospital, moments later as he was bleeding excessively from his head.

According to the witnesses, a group of Indian Paramilitary troops fired a tear gas shell at Asrar’s head and he was also hit by pellet gun shrapnel in the face. The doctors of Shere Kashmir Institue of Medical Sciences operated on him during the night after CT scans revealed severe internal bleeding in the head.

The grade 11 student is under critical care and doctors are monitoring him very closely. They are also saying that he has suffered from a serious head injury and if he survives which he will, he may lose his sight.

The hospital is one of the largest government-run hospitals in Srinagar. Several other boys have been wounded by the Indian military troops since the military crackdown began in the disputed region on Monday, according to the official.

Another boy, from Bemina, was hit on the head by a pellet gun shell at close range. He has suffered severe slashes on the chest but his condition is stable now.

Asrar’s cousin Adil said that they had no idea that 16 years old had been wounded, a neighbor informed them about the incident.

He also said the local police officer visited them and told them to be calm about the situation.

A presidential decree issued on Monday revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution, the article guaranteed special rights to the Muslim majority Kashmir, including the right to its constitution and autonomy to make laws on all matters, except defense, communications, and foreign affairs.

The Indian Government has locked down all the schools, colleges have cut off all means of communication including the internet and landline.

Another incident happened on Tuesday, Nazima Bano was sitting with her family when she heard shouting and clicking sounds from the outside, she knew about the protests going on that the armed forces are after anyone who is protesting against the Indian Government. She quickly locked the doors and told her husband and brother in law to stay inside after some time she heard banging on her door as the people were trying to come in to hide, but the army men came after them inside and started hitting them with guns. She said that she tried to save the boy as he was being beaten very badly but the officer punched her in the stomach and put a gun at her chest and told her that he will shoot her.

 The protest has been going in Kashmir against this decision of the Indian government however with the communication channels all cut off and the ban on the journalists the protest has not been shared globally.


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