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India’s new tactics to take over Kashmir

The prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is under crucial test after revoking the autonomy of India. India and…

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The prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is under crucial test after revoking the autonomy of India.

India and Kashmir have fought three battles already on the issue of Kashmir but the issue is still unresolved and Kashmir is still under the hands in danger as both the countries keep on claiming Kashmir as their state.

But recently India has again opened a dispute by sending their armed forces In Kashmir and implementing a lockdown. The people of Kashmir say that they can’t even get out of their house because of the curfew and everywhere they go the Indian army has been placed and they are not letting them go anywhere. The Indian government has not only forced a lockdown but they have made sure to cut down any mean through which the people of Kashmir can contact the outside world. The power, internet connection, and all the cables have been cut down and the people can’t even protest for their rights.

One of the reporters said that:

 “We aren’t allowed to write or capture and film anything because they tell us to shut off the cameras”.

He also said that I am on the list of people to be arrested.

India treats its portion is important for two main reasons one as it is the point of nuclear rivalry and the terrorists attack there have brought India and Pakistan on the brink of war many times.

It was thought that the Modi government might take this very seriously and try to resolve this but it went to a contradiction. Without any warning, the Indian government annulled article 370 of the Indian Constitution that granted the State of Kashmir full independence, while breaking the state in two territories that is largely controlled from New Delhi. Many of the locals and the Kashmir leaders who even supported India are put under house arrest.

Changing the status of Kashmir won’t help India because of what the Indian Government is doing it will only revoke people to support Pakistan more. India desperately needs to resolve the issue of Kashmir with Pakistan diplomatically and commercially too.

The more exasperating thing is that Modi the Prime Minister himself is not considering having a dialogue with Pakistan. The officials of BJP insist that closer integration will open gates for a lot of jobs for Kashmiris.

But the issue that needs to be addressed is not the need to have jobs but they need to have freedom. The Kashmiris say themselves that they want both the countries to understand that they don’t want to be on anyone of the country’s side, on the contrary, they want to be left alone by both of them.

The government of Modi is going to the opposite side until the Indian government doesn’t find a way to make the people feel independent and free this state will remain a disaster.


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