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What does it mean to revoke Article 370? The government of India has canceled the constitutional law that gives Indian…

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What does it mean to revoke Article 370?

The government of India has canceled the constitutional law that gives Indian occupied Kashmir special status, this event is mostly considered as a tension starter in the region. In the Indian constitution article 370 is very important because it’s what makes sure significant rights for the Muslim-majority state.

What is special status to Jammu and Kashmir?

As proposed in late 1949 right after the independence of both the countries, the law gives a special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In this law, Indian occupied Kashmir is given a separate state for Muslim majority that comes under the law & boundaries of India . This constitution of India was giving the right to residence of Kashmir to have their own constitution, flag, and influence over all aspects of the state. However, the constitution also was restricting the region to a certain extent, things like foreign affairs & defense were being operated by India.

What Indian politicians say about the Event where India forced the law to be whipped from the constitution?

See the following twitter to learn more about what India says of this decision.

“National integration isn’t furthered by unilaterally tearing apart J&K, imprisoning elected representatives and violating our Constitution. This nation is made by its people, not plots of land. This abuse of executive power has grave implications for our national security.”
Rahul Gandhi Tweet

Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary demanding a clarification from BJP government as to how Kashmir is an internal matter of India ..saying Kashmir matter is pending in the UN … It seems Pakistan send their representative to the Indian Parliament! #ShameOnCongress
It is time to end the long night of suffering for the people of Occupied Kashmir. They must be allowed to exercise their right to self-determination according to UN SC resolutions.The only road to peace & security in South Asia runs through a peaceful & just settlement of Kashmir


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