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The #metoo movement has spread its wings to Nigeria, what will it result in?

Busola Dakolo a native photographer filed a case three weeks before, against a famous Nigerian celebrity pastor Biodum Fatoyinbo. She…

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Busola Dakolo a native photographer filed a case three weeks before, against a famous Nigerian celebrity pastor Biodum Fatoyinbo. She accused him of raping her years ago.

She stated the whole incident as she recalled that a silver Toyota was following her as she was driving into her Lagos housing estate. A minivan was already parked outside her door and a man came out from it and told her to get out of her car and talk to his boss. She said when she refused to do so three men came out of the minivan and walked towards her.

“One of them was holding a letter and the other was holding a gun and they said, “We are from the inspector general of the police officer in Abuja and that you need to sign this letter.”

Dakola told, the two occasions on which the pastor allegedly raped her were, the first time in the family house and the other time on the bonnet of his car. But the pastor keeps denying any allegation saying he did nothing of that sought and some 16,000 members of the church are also in the support of the Pastor.

Dakota has been very brave in coming out and talking about this incident in public and taking actions against the Pastor and encouraging other women to come out and not just stay put, because anyone who commits  this crime need to be punished.

But Dakota is not being supported instead; she is facing a lot of backlash from the Pastor and the media itself. One of the controversial bloggers wrote, “Busola Dakolo was never raped and she is just doing that to gain the sympathy for a bigger assignment of defamation.” And even later she posted “ Dakolo should exit this web of lies there was NO RAPE”

A celebrity, a Christian DJ also posted on Instagram saying “if God is with him all the celebrities combined even all the followers combined cannot bring him down”

Dakolo said that “Our culture is so toxic that it doesn’t allow anyone to speak about these types of issues openly and they would rather hide it than bringing it out and expose the culprit”

She also said that the people do not consider this that it takes a lot of courage for a victim to come out and speak for themselves but they are immediately shut down by being called a liar and a person who just needs fame and nothing else.

Fatoyinbo after a month of staying ghost came out this Sunday saying “you must face opposition as a Christian. If God himself had so many enemies, you are surely going to have too.”

Pastors are admired in society of Nigeria; they get a lot of funds and given thousands of advantages with people worshiping them. Fatoyinbo drives a Porche himself.


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