Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Is Kim Jong dead? What happened to Kim jong?

As speculation swirls about the supposed ‘ill health’ of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, satellite images have emerged appearing to show his train stationed at a North Korean resort town.

Kim jong death

As speculation swirls about the supposed ‘ill health’ of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, satellite images have emerged appearing to show his train stationed at a North Korean resort town.

People are sitting around calling Kim yo jong a queen or a power lesbian and comparing her to Azula and making fan cams of her she has been complicit in the oppression, starvation, torture, and state of terror that has been imposed on the North Korean people she’s fucking evil.
Said Shakthi on Twitter.

So let me get this straight the new leader of North Korea, Kim Yo Jong, is being gawked over because she has a nice face the sister of Kim Jong Un, is “feared” and “respected” and was the head of propaganda (if I remember correctly) what the hell is wrong with you people
Said PrfessionT on Twitter.

Kim Jong sister

I am fucking DISGUSTED. Kim yo jong is fucking evil and has helped her brother oppress North Korea’s citizens the entire time her brother has been ruling. she is not a “queen,” she is not some fictional character you can just IDOLIZE.
Said Sage on Twitter

I personally think Kim Yo Jong will be a total girl boss dictator who will replace all of the “yes men” in the DPRK with “Yaas queens.”
Said Findom on Twitter

Ah yes, Trump’s worst nightmare. Some despotic countries that the US could flatten in a few days. I’m sure he’s hiding in a bunker just thinking about the terror Kim Yo Jong will bring upon the world.
Said Frog !!@NoKOzKamui on Twitter

Folks calling Kim Yo Jong “hot” or “pretty” are absolutely insane. Y’all just fetishize her “exoticness.” This woman’s so average-looking, it’s no wonder she wanted to be next in line in power. Also, stop sexualizing tyrants. Women over there raining death upon her people.
Said Brian on Twitter

Can i be drop in North Korea like Crash Landing on You and fall in love with the SS next to Kim Yo Jong
Said Yin on Twitter


Kim Jung Un Kim Yo Jong #kingdomnetflix I’ve been watching Kingdom, Netflix’s n S. Korean zombie series set in medieval Korea. Is it possible Kim Jung Un has turned into a kind of zombie because of #Covid_19 & they’re hiding it?

Said Paladin on Twitter

Her name is Kim Yo Jong and just FYI this is a JOKE lol, she’s Kim Jong Un’s sister and apparently next in line to be the leader of North Korea. She’s not a good person haha.
Said Maxy on Twitter

Meet Princess Kim Yo Jong the Younger Sister Of North Korean President Kim Jong http://Un.Kim Jong-Un was said to have died after unsuccessful heart surgery. #KimJongYo #NorthKorea

Said MrUseyour head on twitter

If you’re thinking the country’s going to change, you’re wrong, his sister Kim yo jong is the in-charge of propaganda and runs the NK gulags and concentration camps. #KimJongUn #NorthKorea

Said deep reason on twitter

100%! Let us not forget the atrocities that are happening in North Korea! Kim Yo Jong does NOT DESERVE a pass because she is a female! People calling her Queen is the most sexist absurd bs. Does anyone believe she will not be as tyrannical as her brother?

Said Connie on Twitter

#KimJongUn‘s health uncertain, focus shifts to powerful sister Kim Yo Jong

If the rumor of Kim Jong Un’s sister comes to power, for the first time in modern history since the time of Catherine the Great, a woman will rule as a dictator

Said Saida Zahidova on Twitter

As the world waits to see if North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is alive, dead, or somewhere in between at the age of 36, all eyes are turning to his little sister, 31-year-old Kim Yo Jong. She looks like the top contender to succeed him.

If Kim Jong Un is incapacitated or dead, his sister Kim Yo Jong will likely take over as an interim leader until North Korea’s powerful politburo committee chooses its next ‘dear leader’ according to RMIT Professor Joseph Siracusa.


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