Senate votes to block Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border

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On Wednesday, the Senate voted 54-41 to overturn the national emergency declaration and diversion of military funds to construct a border wall. It followed a vote earlier this year that President Trump vetoed.

The Senate passed a resolution 54-41 repealing a national emergency declaration President Trump made in February to divert federal money to build a border wall.

It didn’t receive enough votes to override a presidential veto. 11 Republicans voted for the resolution.

Senate votes again to END Trump’s emergency border declaration. 11 Republicans voted in favor of the measure:












The Senate has passed my resolution to protect the Constitution and end President Trump’s phony national emergency. This is the second time the Senate has spoken up, and we’ve spoken up big— the Trump admin needs to listen to our clear, bipartisan message.

The vote comes after the Trump administration announced it would divert $3.6 billion in military construction funding from several states to build his border wall.

The vote is in. Gardner sided with Trump again. Previously, his spokeswoman hasn’t answered our question of whether the money diverted from Colorado came as a surprise to Gardner given his public pledge.

This question is vital because we don’t know whether the Trump administration pulled a fast one on Gardner (who then repeated assurances publicly) or whether the administration was straight about it and Gardner made the misleading pledge. His office has ignored our question.

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