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Istanbul still on, on deporting refugees back to Syria; the war zone

Nidal Hissein the latest victim of refugee displacement was deported from Turkey stood stunned in the war zone. The 48…

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Nidal Hissein the latest victim of refugee displacement was deported from Turkey stood stunned in the war zone. The 48 years old said, “I have left my wife and my children there; I will go back to them”. The conflict of Syria and Turkey has displaced millions of refugees in the past few years and Turkey is still on with the displacement.

The people and government of Turkey are now feeling that the refugees are nothing more than just burdens who are taking up a place in their cities. The governments of Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan who are hosting millions of refugees together are seeing the increasing population as a ”burden”. The Rights groups are warning the refugees with speeches that they need to leave their country and go back to Syria especially in Lebanon and Turkey.

Jordan has not yet put pressure on the refugees but it has said this too that the Syrian people are weighing down their infrastructure and compounding its economic woes.

An analyst Nasser Yasin said, “No clear solution is being designed for the refugees and the movements against them keep on increasing”.

The head of the Beirut-based Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs said, “The neighboring countries are exhausted”.

Unfriendly atmosphere:

The unfriendly atmosphere towards the refugees has worsened recently”, said Yildiz Onen, spokesperson for the Turkish Campaign said, “We are all refugees; these countries are opening ways to design measures on making life difficult for us”.

“But sending refugees to Syria where the war is still going on is absurd and plain dangerous”

Turkey’s government has flatly denied anyone returning to Syria is doing it voluntarily and no one is forcing them to do it. It rejects any claim of forcing the refugees to sign return forms in Turkish that they do not understand.

Since June more than 3,600 Syrian families have seen their shelters demolished in the eastern region of Arsal, according to the municipality.

Homes made of anything other than timber or plastic are not allowed.


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