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Refugees not safe anywhere in the world; deaths encountered yet again

As we are hearing a lot about the refuges nowadays and how unsafe they are the countries that take them in, agree on protecting them…

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As we are hearing a lot about the refuges nowadays and how unsafe they are the countries that take them in, agree on protecting them and providing them the basic needs. But is that happening? I don’t think so. Let me explain this to you with other news we received about the refugees staying in Istanbul.

Istanbul is on a new mission to deport all the refugees back to where they came from that is; from Syria and we all know that Syria is under war so how can the refugees be safe there. The advocates of these refugees have also warned that this policy is not safe for the emigrants as Syria is obviously under war.

A family tells their story how these fears of being deported were realised by them this week.

 Hisham al-Mohammad, a Syrian refugee; 21 years old with three daughters and a whole family to take care of, was killed by the Turkish government for trying to come back to Istanbul for his family after being deported to Syria as his father narrates.

Mustafa al-Mohammed the father of murdered said that he spoke to another relative who was also with Hisham and he told him that Hisham was in the Syrian territory when he was killed, he was walking with some other refugees who were also deported, when he stopped to pray a few 100 yards from the border of Turkey.

They also said the shots came from the Istanbul side and not the Syrian wall.

Turkey was considered a shelter for all the refugees from Syria during the civil war but now it’s just another country who is just behaving like the U.S. But, at least U.S. isn’t killing the refugees or sending them back to state under war; they have just refused to take in the refugees so at least people are not hoping that they will go there to find a home but Turkey first took in the refugees and now is deporting them and even killing them even after knowing the condition of their country.

The public is not in favor of the refugees too as they have thought of them as a burden that has made the Government in thinking that the only solution to all this hustle is: sending the refugees back to where they came from.

President Erdogan, just to clear his stance said “We are aiming in sending the emigrants back to their state who have been homesick for years”

The arrests have urged many refugees to go to hiding. The officials say that the strategy is to send the refugees to a different city so one city does not get crowded. But, the death and deportation of Hisham have appeared to violate the government’s policy.

Hisham and his family have been living in Turkey near the Syrian city of Aleppo for three years, and they have even gotten made their identity permits, that have allowed them to live in Istanbul. Hisham was a tailor and was the only member of his family who was employed.

They followed all the rules of the government but still for no clear reason the security of Turkey came to their house, started searching their thing, clicked pictures of all their official documents and told the family that Hisham would have to come with them. His father did not argue and sent him with them. He (Hisham) was locked in. The family could meet him and he was treated well too. But out of nowhere, they received news that he has been deported to Syria.

They got a call from Syrian detainee that they were sending Hisham back to them and after that, he talked to Hisham too, who told them he was fine and sent them his picture too. His father said that Hisham tried to cross the border before his attempt on Sunday with 2 or 3 other refugees.

The autopsy report showed that a bullet entered Hisham’s ear and exited from his back. The shooting did not stop even after that. The other people had to crawl down to save his body from bullets.

The human rights group has for several years condemned Turkey on using force on the refugees trying to cross the risky border.

Hisham’s father said: “I wish that the shooting stops. I have lost everything, my son; who supported us”


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