What did Dennis Scott do to Nets coach Kenny Atkinson to deserve this sign?

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In a rarely seen move, Atkinson borrowed a strategy from college football coaches, using a large photo-centric sign to direct his players. Somehow Dennis Scott got caught in the crossfire.

Kenny Atkinson went viral on Friday for a poster he threw up during his Brooklyn Nets’ 123-116 win over the Houston Rockets on Friday night.

Atkinson’s Nets were trying to protect a lead in the final minute and did not want to allow the Rockets to shoot their way back into the game with 3-pointers. On the sideline, he was seen holding up a poster that featured a picture of Dennis Scott. Scott, who is nicknamed “3-D”, wore jersey No. 3 and was known for being a 3-point shooter.

The message from the Nets’ coaches seemed to be pretty clear: no threes.

Atkinson explained after the game that they used the cards to help the team communicate defensive schemes. He said the use of Scott’s photo was their way of having some fun with it too.

The plan worked well enough. The 3-2 Rockets were brutal on threes, going 12/48. James Harden was 2/16 and Russell Westbrook was 1/6. Letting Houston shoot threes seemed to be a winning strategy on Friday night.

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