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A device that will speak for you, a brilliant invention by MIT Student

Imagine if you have Alexa of Amazon or Google Assistant and they provide you answers to the question that you’re…

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Imagine if you have Alexa of Amazon or Google Assistant and they provide you answers to the question that you’re even thinking? Wouldn’t that be amazing you just don’t have to move a muscle and you’ll get every answer you want?

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Source : Smithsonianmag

Well here are we providing you with a brilliant device which is made by MIT media lab and a postdoctoral student, Arnav Kapur. And he is already showing it off to the world.

This device looks like one the mics that the popstar Britney uses and it was also imagined by the designers of The Next Generation and Star Trek too. It is not entirely different as it does look like the earphones that people use so that to do not have to use their phone a lot.

Basically, this device is placed near the ear and it catches the neuro signals from the brain and interprets them and then it provides you answer in your inner ear without you being not able to listen t the outside world.
Imagine if you want to know the capital of some country and you don’t feel like getting up and searching it on google or you are not in the proximity of any device that can help you so this device can solve all your problems by providing you solution to your ambiguity. It will provide you with an answer to your questions that haven’t even gone out of your mouth. Brilliant isn’t it?

AlterEgo is the only technology we have been closest to reading the mind.
For a person who can’t speak properly, this device can be very useful and for the people suffering from Alzihmers, this device can help them too.

It could also be possible to record semantic information in this device and later access it when the disease starts spreading.

Kapur says that

“My goal is to help the people who have problems with speaking and helping them in real-time
at the rate at which normal people speak”

MIT Studnet Arnav Kapur

He says that there are over 100 muscles involved in speech and what if we only have to use a single muscle and then talking to yourself without other people even listening to you.

He also said:

“My priority is to develop such devices that do not harm you in any way possible”.

This device is not yet available commercially but for the work, Kapur has picked up a $15000 MIT price. We are looking forward to this device being in the market and helping a lot of people.


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