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An effort of Facebook to attract millennial to it by introducing something new, Will it be successful?

Facebook has just launched a dating service on Thursday in the US. And this company is set to combine Instagram…

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Facebook has just launched a dating service on Thursday in the US. And this company is set to combine Instagram to everything it does that will help to attract the Millenials to Facebook.

The dating feature of Facebook is available in 20 states where it is being tested who are looking for potential matches in other Facebook users.

The users can combine the elements of their Instagram and Facebook accounts to create a separate dating profile. This is the most noticeable way Facebook has tried to combine Instagram from the perspective of a product.

The Facebook Dating will remain in the main app but the users will be able to pull photos out of Instagram and Facebook into their dating profile.

By the end of the year users will to able to share their Instagram stories too.

A feature called “Secret Crush” is also being introduced in the Dating app which will match the user with another Facebook Dating user from their Instagram network.

In an effort to avoid embarrassment or awkward connections the user can’t match to other Facebook users by simply listing them as “Secret Crush”. But they can match with a friend if both of them add each other.

The list is limited to Facebook friends only but it will be extended to Instagram too.

While Facebook being the parent company and sharing the data scenes behind included any information gathered.

They have been operating as independent forums.

The quarrel between the tech giant; Facebook and Instagram started in 2018 when Facebook insisted on merging the message part of the two apps together to which Instagram simply declined.

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The co-founder of Instagram left Facebook last year after having a clash with the CEO of Facebook over the autonomy of Instagram.

Despite all the changes, Facebook still owns Instagram and the users are well aware of this too.

This feature is small but due to this, both the companies will have a merger is a notable thing.

These efforts of Facebook might become a competition for Match Group Inc., which owns the most popular site in the current world; Tinder.

With this new service, Facebook could leverage its web of connection among people and data on relationships as well as its massive financial resources to compete with rivals.


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