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SMS is being killed in South Africa by much cheaper ways; Whatsapp

The people of South Africa have shifted from all the messaging apps to the much cheaper apps as compared to…

By Jenny Scordamaglia , in Technology , at September 1, 2019 Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

The people of South Africa have shifted from all the messaging apps to the much cheaper apps as compared to SMS.

Mxit and BBM are the platforms that were used in the past because they were cheaper and provided good communication.

But these apps are now history as Whatapp has taken over them. Whatsapp is now one of the first installed apps in South Africa and is also the most popular messaging app in the western world.

The network providers of mobile now observing that people are using Whatsapp as compared to other messaging apps are providing network packages; specific data bundles, these allow the user to use the app easily and are affordable too.

The mobile networks still do offer SMS bundles which lead one to believe that they can still make money using this technology.

Vodacom and MTN were asked how the volume of SMS has changed over the past few years.

A Vodacom spokesperson told, “In initial stages of the proliferation of the data-based messaging applications, we experienced a decline on SMS”.

He also added that the decline has stabilized recently.

Vodacom said there is an increased demand from SMEs for price plans that include higher SMS quantities.

“Many businesses in the segment of SME still use SMS campaigns, as a means to communicate with their costumers”.

 “We recommend ideally that these customers purchase the bulk of SMS product, which is also better suiting to their messaging requirements”.

“SMS is still used by many consumers despite the increase of data-based messaging apps like Whatsapp”.

 The mobile networks were also asked whether they plan on making SMSs free in South Africa, as a lot of people have shifted to Whatsapp.

The companies Cell C and Telkom said that they already offer free SMSs on certain bundles, Cell C also mentioned that this is per fair usage policy.


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