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The contributions of tech giant like Airbnb and WeWork in helping the refugees

Airbnb was the first company established in 2008 by a few entrepreneurs who were willing to help the refugees. It all…

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Airbnb was the first company established in 2008 by a few entrepreneurs who were willing to help the refugees. It all started when President Trump put a ban on travel. Airbnb reached out to hotel owners and encourages them to help the refugees. The members of Airbnb have not only helped the refugees to find a shelter but also made some effective efforts for the people suffering from natural disasters and have nowhere to live. One of the major contributions is launching its Open House Program.

Over four years, Airbnb has helped a lot of refugees by helping them book their homes from anywhere across the world and offering the “travel credits” to the agencies to enable them to get there only within the budget of 4 million.

“The experience of Open home brings a sense of belonging to the refugees”, says an Airbnb executive member.

By placing the refugees in homes make them feel belonged as the host open their houses for them and help them live in a place that is foreign to them. The members of Airbnb believes that the refugees even if they are not native have a lot of talent and experience which should not get wasted so they have hired over 1500 refugees and helped them seek employment.

Another company that came forward to help the refugees after Airbnb is WeWork. WeWork has offered shared workspaces helping refugees to startup their business or start freelancing and work in the office and enjoy network opportunities too.

The companies (Airbnb and WeWork) are designed for young travelers. As they travel, they also, get an opportunity to interact with WeWork workplace and make connections by meeting new people so they won’t have much problem seeking employment. WeWork has designed their workspace in such a way that it promotes positive interaction and the old employees always welcome the new employees with an open heart.

One of the refugees, Amir Azimi shares his story that he was also a refugee who migrated from Iran. He stayed in Istanbul with his family to complete his degree in architecture but then he came across these companies who help the refugees find employment he says that:

“ I was thrilled to know that I could get a job of my choice even being a refugee”

Amir says he prepared himself for the interview and fortunately he was hired on the same day and since then he has been working with them and earning a good amount of money. He is one of the many 150 people who were hired by WeWork and now are satisfied with their lives.

WeWork in 2017, also started its International Rescue Committee which is a pilot program to help to employ people who were affected by the war or any natural disaster or any political arrest. In New York, Boston and Chicago more than 50 people were hired by the company. This campaign was so successful that WeWork aimed to hire more than 1500 refugees in the upcoming years.


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