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Top 10 Mobile app scripts of 2020

Many entrepreneurs like to explore differently tech industries and the start always seems a bit difficult. But with our list…

Many entrepreneurs like to explore differently tech industries and the start always seems a bit difficult. But with our list of top 10 mobile app templates that won’t be the case anymore.

Every year’s top software companies work on building ready-made mobile app solutions to entertain the industry, and our today’s list of top 10 mobile app templates of 2020 is full of excitement & tech, So stay tuned & let’s get started!

WhatsApp Clone App Template | Messaging Voice & Video Calling

The best Whatsapp clone app solution is available in the market, which is unbeatable in its features &  pricing. If you are an entrepreneur who’s looking to enter this market with strong solutions this Clone Script should be your ultimate choice.

The best Whatsapp clone app solution is available in the market, which is unbeatable in its features &  pricing. If you are an entrepreneur who's looking to enter this market with strong solutions this Clone Script should be your ultimate choice.
Image By Sheharyar Solutions

Whatsapp Clone Android app solutions is a complete Mobile app template built on Native environment with a backend in AWS backed Database & a fully operated web-based admin panel to manage the app & it’s statistics / Users.

Ecommerce App Solution By Sheharyar Solutions – Ecommerce App Templates

Developing an app is a costly and time-consuming process. An eCommerce app template is the best way to build your mobile app without breaking your budget. Besides, it comes with all the functional features you need. You just need to customize it to reflect your vision or we can do that part for you as well.E-commerce App template also comes with documentation—all you need to do is follow the instructions.

Ecommerce app template by Sheharyar Solutions

The best practice is to analyze the needs of customers in order to anticipate common customer issues. This means you should put yourself in the place of your customers.

When you take the position of the customer and test the experience of using your own eCommerce website and app, you will see what works for the customer and what doesn’t. This will help you come up with user-centered solutions that will, in turn, guarantee a smooth shopping experience, high conversions, and high customer retention.

The template offers unlimited shops, categories, sub-categories and products for developers or shop owners to build any kind of eCommerce app they need.

For those with an existing online shop, it enables easy conversion to a mobile store app, and for those who own a physical shop but don’t yet have an online store, eCommerce provides a variety of ready-to-use built-in features to create a mobile store app from scratch.

Plant a Tree – Crowd Fund Platform Solution

Image by Sheharyar Solutions

Plant a Tree – Crowd Fund Platform Solution Plant a tree is one of the most amazing and highly innovative crowdfunding solutions. This amazing application has been built for all three major platforms which are Android, web, and iOS. The basic purpose of developing Plant a Tree Crowdfund platform for android, web, and iOS is to make it possible for everyone to access this application and play their role to turn our world into green once again. This is an amazingly equipped solution that is packed with an amazing range of features and can help the admin of this application to manage everything on this application in the best possible way.

Restaurant App – Solution for Restaurant business

Restaurant Application is one of the most amazing and unique solutions which has been made specifically to serve the business owners. This is without any doubt going to be the best solution for the restaurant owners who want to grow their business to the next level in a more effective way. We are living in a busy age, where it is never easier to get some time to visit a restaurant in person. Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons why food delivery businesses are getting more and more popularity with every passing day. However, this is also a fact to understand here that not every food delivery application is available to everyone out there. Therefore, this can be the best opportunity for you to publish your own restaurant application on the Play Store to let people notice your presence in the best possible way. Publishing a restaurant application for your restaurant business has the ability to help you in expanding your business in a more amazing way.

Resturant app is very unique solution made for restaurant owners to be able to scale their businesses to the next level. In this busy life, people have no time visiting restaurants in person that's the reason food delivery businesses are booming these days.
Image by Sheharyar Solutions

Social – Powerful Social Media Mobile app Solution

Social Media is a hot spot for almost every type of lifestyle. From businesses to Entertainment everyone refers to social media in order to get fame, popularity and other benefits that it offers.

Is such a space brilliant minds always come up with ideas that can bring ease to people’s lives? To make it very possible for these brilliant minds we developed Social, Social is a platform that’s initially is developed for an android platform that offers the users all the luxury and feel of social media.

Social – Powerful Social Media Mobile app

Investors or enterprisers can adopt social to bring their ideas to life. Social is based on a centralized AWS backed DB which makes it highly secure for the data. It has state of the art encryptions that’s pretty hard to sneak into. The social app comes with a backend that is scalable & is fully hosted on AWS. From your very, few hundred users to millions of users are all covered. Social brings some very unique solutions to the table by providing voice message communications on posts & comments. It makes it very easy for users to be able to communicate. And it’s something that isn’t yet adopted by other social media channels. Social also offers Video post-compression for users with limited data to be able to post based on their capacity. So users can choose between the type of quality they want to post in. With all these unique features in place, the traditional features offered by other platforms are still accessible in Social. Things like Sharing posts, sending comments, Liking posts & one on one chatting. User search, posts search, group search. Group creation based on user interests, Ability of other users to join the groups. Leaving groups, posting in groups and all other features you may think of are all there. Adding friends to the friend’s list, viewing all of your followers, following them back such features are all there. With all the features in place, Social clearly is a market leader in Social Media solutions & will always be the user’s very 1st choice to go with.

Pharmacy & Doctor Appointment App – (ANDROID) Doctor & Patient Both Apps

Pharmacy and Doctor Appointment Application is an Android-based Both Doctor and Patient Apps With evolving technology, the world is also changing rapidly. Technology is influencing almost every aspect of our lives. Even more, the latest technological innovations have also led human life from physical interactions to a virtual touch. Innovations in technology are bringing more comfort and ease in our lives. We are living in the age where we do not have to leave our place to perform different tasks ranging from bookings to shopping and similar concept now has been added to our healthcare industry. You can also consider this Hospital Application as one of the most amazing solutions which can improve our healthcare facilities in the best possible way. An introduction to Hospital Application It is because this amazing Hospital application solution will change the way patients were interacting with their doctors or the way doctors were evaluating their patients in a more amazing way. Hospital Application will help the users to schedule an appointment with a doctor anywhere all around the world. Not only this, patients will be able to communicate with their requested doctors to find out their problems and more effective solutions to treat those identified problems in the best possible way. Patients will be allowed to tell what is their problem and then can discuss their symptoms, solutions, treatments, etc. with the doctor with ease. Most amazingly, patients do not have to wait for too long to get in touch with their required doctor. Even, there will be no off the schedule appointment problem which they have to the fact by using this application.

Hospital app lets users schedule an appointment with a doctor anywhere around the world. Be able to talk to each other and find solutions to the diseases and other issues they might have.
Pharmacy & Doctor Appointment App

Just Grab it – Classified Ads app a powerful Mobile app templates

Just grab it is a classified ads app template that is very different from other related classified products in the market. This classified app template lets you have the payment option integrated to it which makes it very profitable for the business owner. Businesses can charge a certain percentage on each ad sold & it’s a highly secure way of dealing with customers of all areas.

Just grab it android classified app source code is very unique in another sense as well. As it lets your users set a timer for all the renting and leading. So each hour billed to the lender is subject to a charge that you can take. This feature makes this classified app source code a highly recommended choice for businesses.

Just grab it classified script with the mobile app is all in one solution that makes your business complete. Our backend that comes with this classified apps template shows all the statistics of in’s and outs of the business it also gives you complete access to your user base. And an opportunity to keep a detailed report of all the happenings inside your app.

Ideas Box – Share Ideas & Meet Investors

Ideas Box is an interesting way of exploring new ideas posted by brilliant minds & thinkers. It’s also an amazing way to interact with potential investors who might be interested in finding a potential idea. It’s extremely hard and rare that you find a place where brilliant minds share their vision and thoughts of changing the world with technology, advancements & art. Ideas Box steps in to promote these thinkers and help them meet with visionary investors who are eager to dominate/change the trends. Ideas Box chat system allows users to interact with each other without the interference of a third party and share knowledge & inspire. Thinkers also get suggestions from other thinkers and investors under their posted ideas which keep them motivated and also give them suggestions on improving the presented ideas. Ideas box project is now available for entrepreneurs to buy & start their amazing marketplace business. We also have IOS & Web versions of these products if you wish to purchase them drop us an email or explore our products.  

Ideas Box - Share Ideas & Meet Investors
Ideas Box – Share Ideas & Meet Investors

Handy Marketplace – Service Marketplace idea


The handy marketplace is a unique solution designed to meet our client’s expectations. We have made the app a combination of two sides. No 1 is the user side where users can come and look for the services they’re looking for.
The other side is the service provider side that allows the service providers to find job opportunities in town.

Booking app – Powerful Hotel Booking app Solution for Tourism Industry

Booking app – Powerful Hotel Booking app Solution for Tourism Industry

Booking app: A Powerful Hotel Booking Application Solution Booking App is one of the most amazing solutions for businesses that want to have their own mobile platform for booking resorts, villas, hotels, etc. This amazing application template can be an effective option to consider because of its easier to use the admin panel. It comes up with a clear code that is perfectly easier for the buyers to understand and customize as per their needs. This script is pretty decent and comes with exceptional customer support services. Even more, this booking application comes up with an amazing range of features that can make it perfect to opt for anyone. Most amazingly, this easier script is super easy for the business organizations to customize according to their business requirements in the best possible way.

Booking app - Powerful Hotel Booking app Solution for Tourism Industry
Booking app – Powerful Hotel Booking app Solution for Tourism Industry


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