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WhatsApp and audio and videos can now be made by Google Assistant

Google is making a lot of progress day by day and taking over a lot of platforms as in not…

By Jenny Scordamaglia , in Technology , at September 6, 2019 Tags: , , ,

Google is making a lot of progress day by day and taking over a lot of platforms as in not coming slow.

Google Assistant can now do a lot of things it has even integration with a bunch of third-party messaging services.

Google quietly announced this week that Google Assistant would now be able to make video and audio calls with WhatsApp.

Google Assistant has been expanding since the start of this year to see what it can do with WhatsApp but it has not been able to do anything with the video calls and audio calls.

Google announced in a blog post yesterday, Google confirmed that the functionality was available, but mentioning that this service is just available for the time being on Android but will soon be available for the Apple devices too.

You will need to be a user of Android to make audio and video calls using Google Assistant on your voice commands just like it does for our cell phones when we order to make a call or anything else and the Google Assistant does what it is asked to do.

This technology is basically Artificial Intelligence that is spreading its wings to a lot of things not only is it helpful in making the life of people easy by making robots or by putting things on the cell phones,  to help a lot of people that might not be able to type.

The Google Assistant and many assistants like Alexa are making the lives of people easier.

This new Google Assistant approach would eventually make its way to smart displays like the Google Nest Hub in the future.

Right now, Google says this requires the WhatsApp app for Android.

“The Google Assistant is already working with the popular messaging services to help you read messages and send messages too. Now, you can also make video calls and audio calls on just a voice command to starting with Android WhatsApp app. You just need to say, “Hey Google, WhatsApp video Katie”.


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