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8 dangerously evil minds ever existed

As we hear or read the word evil the only person that comes to our minds is the famous Adolf…

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As we hear or read the word evil the only person that comes to our minds is the famous Adolf Hitler. And there is no doubt that he was an evil person but there are more than one of them, not just Hitler there are other people too who were slightly less or even eviler than this guy. But how do we do it statistically that on what basis anyone should be considered an evil person whether it be on the basis how many people they killed or it should be on how evil influence they have on history. This list is made considering both the aspects and you’d be surprised to know them. So here is an interestingly terrifying list for you.

Karl Marx:

Here is considered the evilest person in human history. Here is an explanation as to why is he considered the evilest person. So to start he never really killed anyone, you could sit with him talk and have fun and then leave safe. But, Marx is the author of one of the greatest evils ever set loses in humanity. He was an admirer of Charles Darwin so as he had a passion for evolution similarly Marx saw history and economics much the same way as driven by Godless, anonymous forces his theory gave rise secular socialist utopian regimes that would kill more than 100 million people in the 20th century alone, that is more than any religious wars old or upcoming combined. Such types of government have a very little view of a man considering him a brick and grout for building a perfect social state. “You cannot make an egg without cracking the egg” as stated by Stalin. The socialist has made many efforts to crack this egg but still in vain.

Margaret Sanger:

Next up on our list is Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood an organization which as evil as the Einsatzgruppen, Sanger championed abortion and eugenics. This Institution is responsible for aborting no less than 8 million fetuses. There is no doubt in saying that keeping or aborting the baby is the choice of the mother and it starts another debate but, as we are talking about this organization; the abortionists, they don’t just kill the children they celebrate it as the moral good. And this brings us to question, with people so much fighting these days against the evil how to have this organization still standing tall?

Mao Zedong:

Chairman Mao a leader in China has many critics and the reason is that he killed between 40 to 70 million of this own people. How merciless a person can be to kill his people? And even now people fear him even though he has been dead for years now and doesn’t like to criticize him openly.

Josef Stalin:

This person in the third place shows how evil he was. He was envious, ruthless, obsessed, wicked and without any morality, he killed more than 25 million people through collectivization, state-induced famines, eliminations, and bureaucratic incompetence. If we put it in a simple line “Stalin had no regard for human life”. Even now in Russia, there is nostalgia for those days when he ruled in Koba.

Adolf Hitler:

Here is the famous Adolf Hitler. As you may about this man, who initiated a global war that killed approximately 50 million people. He believed that Jews were the main reason for all the problems and was set to eliminate them. If this man haven’t had gotten famous he would just have been a simple artist and the world would have been much better.

Vlad Tepes:

Also known as Vlad Dracula was a Romanian monarch. The character of Dracula was loosely based on this sadistic man who was cruel and killed about 20% of the population when he became a king between 1448 to 1462. A German pamphlet once said about him “He roasted the children and fed them to their mother and cut off the breasts of the women and made their husbands eat them. After that, he had them stabbed.

Saddam Hussein:

The dictator of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. During his rule, he did countless attacks on people. He punished people by chemical attacks, beatings, severe shocks and eye-gouging. He also used to record the torture deaths of people to watch them later. Saddam was found guilty against humanity and was hanged in 2006.


Nero was known to wreak havoc in the Roman Empire. This leader burnt the whole city, murdered thousands of people and every member of their family. It is believed that he started the whole fire but later blamed it on Christians, and they were then mercilessly tortured to death. He used to burn, boil, impel and stab people. He committed suicide when he got the idea that his reign is going to be taken from him.


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