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Beekeepers from Turkey win world’s best honey award in Canada

Turkish firm was awarded for producing the best honey in the world in an international beekeeping gathering held in Montreal,…

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Turkish firm was awarded for producing the best honey in the world in an international beekeeping gathering held in Montreal, Canada for its poly flora honey.

Here is the history of Egricayır Bal:

Beekeeping is a tradition that has been sustained for generations by a nomadic family.

As Cay Family, we have made a living by beekeeping for generations. In the 1950s, our grandfathers carried their beehives with camels to Egricayır Plateau in summer and to Kızkalesi Beach in winter. The honeycomb honey they produced in log hives was stored in pouches made from goat skins and delivered to the markets.

We have obtained organic certificates in 2009 for this precious honey which has been produced completely organic for hundreds of years. As the representatives of the new generation of Cay Family, we created the Egricayır Brand and returned to France in 2009 with the Gold Medal. In 2011, our Egricayır honey was selected as the 2. 2nd best honey in the world Slovenya in Slovenia.

In the “International Best Organic Honey Competition yapılan (BİOLMİEL) organized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, we were once again awarded with the Altın Gold Medal tarafından by the jury members from the European Union.

To our father Sahbaz Cay, the most experienced member of our family; “How to notice bad honey with good honey and how do we know that the honey we’re going to buy is good? Su When asked, he gives the following answer;

“I have never seen, because I don’t know how bad honey can be. If you buy Egriçayır Honey, you will know that it is good honey.”

Cay, the owner of Egricayır Bal, said the company also won a silver medal in a Kyiv congress in 2013 and a gold medal in Istanbul in 2017.

The 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress brought together more than 6,000 participants from 80 countries between Sept. 8 and 12.

An award ceremony was held to wrap up the international organization on Thursday.

“Our family’s beekeeping tradition dates back to more than 300 years, we work hard to produce fine quality honey,” Celal Cay, the owner of Egricayır Bal, told Anadolu Agency after receiving the award.


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