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Trump threatens the crowd to vote for him in the reelections

Donald Trump visited New Hampshire for the first time in his reelection campaign on Thursday taking credits for the economic…

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Donald Trump visited New Hampshire for the first time in his reelection campaign on Thursday taking credits for the economic success of the country and bashing his competitors as he started his speech.

Trump addressing his supporters in a full arena in Manchester said that the economy will be destroyed if he is not reelected as a President.

He said, “See, I know you like me and this room is full of people who love me but, you have no choice other than voting for me because your 401(k)s down the tubes. Everything is going down the tubes.”

“So whether you hate me or you love me you’ll have to vote for me.”

He said that the economy would have crashed if he wouldn’t have been elected; he claimed full responsibility for the health of the American economy.

Warning the people he said, “If I wouldn’t have been selected for any reason this economy would have crashed and that will even happen in the coming year if I am not elected again.”

Donald Trump criticized his Democratic Competitors. Trump said of Joe Biden getting the Democratic presidential nominations, “I hope it’s him”, slamming the previous vice president for his frequent blunders.

He also mentioned Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, saying that she was rising in the race and he threatened that he would start to target her more for attacks if she continued to be a challenge.

He also said that he would build more mental asylum to prevent mass shootings. He did not bring up anything regarding Republicans to strengthen the background checks on guns but he did emphasize that his administration was committed to protecting the 2nd amendment.

He later said, “We are going to focus on building new facilities for the people in need.”

 In his reelection rally, Trump also referred to his often-repeated false claims on why he lost the state. He said, “New Hampshire should have won last time but a lot of people came out at the last moment and I know where they were coming from.”

In early 2017, Trump also described New Hampshire as the “Drug infested den” in a call with then Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. He said Pena was the reason he won the state’s 2016 presidential elections.


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