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US woman caught smuggling an infant in her bag

An American woman was charged with trying to smuggle a six months old infant out of the airport by the…

By Jenny Scordamaglia , in International United States , at September 8, 2019 Tags: , , , ,

An American woman was charged with trying to smuggle a six months old infant out of the airport by the Philippine Authorities.

 The woman was trying to smuggle the infant out of the country in a bag that she wore around her waist was trying to board a flight out of the country.

Jennifer Talbot, 42 years old women had no legal custody of the child or any documents but even then she managed to pass the security and immigration before the personnel at the departure gate she was confronted at the Manali international airport on Wednesday.

“She was carrying the infant in her bag around her waist “as she attempted to depart for a connecting flight on her journey back to the United States said, National Bureau of Investigation officials.

Jennifer Talbot was charged with child smuggling on Thursday, which if proved can through her in the jail for decades, the officials told the reporters in the press conference as Jennifer Talbot stood by them in orange jail clothes.

Talbot faces life imprisonment in a Philippine jail and a fine of some $38,500 to $96,200, Manuel Dimaano, airport division chief for the bureau said in a press conference Thursday.

Talbot, who says she has five children, managed to get through immigration concealing the infant but was stopped before boarding the aircraft, the bureau said in the statement.

She was unable to present valid travel documents for the baby boy, it added.

The baby is currently kept under the custody child welfare surface. The investigators believe that the child was born to a Filipino woman in the South of the nation and then flown to Manila.

The investigations are still being carried out on how Jennifer Talbot got hold of the bay in the first place and even got passed the security.

The authorities believe that they have found the birth mother of the child. The prosecutors have not filed any complaint of kidnapping against Jennifer Talbot yet.


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